Bebel Feng-Yi


Bebel Feng-Yi is a boy who's a crossdresser. His father Nei works as a drag queen opera.

History Edit

Bebel Feng-Yi lives with his father, Nei in a dangerous Asian-themed neighborhood. Nei used to be a good for nothing alcoholic but after Bebel's mother passed away he cleaned up his act and became a good father. Bebel is very proud of his father and his job as a drag queen opera to the point where Bebel dresses and acts like a girl to be more like his father, which Nei approves of.

Hatchin meets Bebel when his father brings her into their house until he can find Michiko. At first Bebel is nice to Hatchin and serves her food at his father's request. However, the moment Nei leaves to search for Michiko Bebel reveals to Hatchin that he is actually a boy by lifting his dress in front of her and harrasses her for awhile while scolding her for not acting feminine enough. After a while Bebel is nicer to Hatchin and proudly tells her about his family and Nei's job as an actress.

Hatchin and Bebel work together to save his father and Michiko.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Bebel behaves like a well-mannered girl in public but when he is alone, he behaves like a rude boy. He loves and respects his father, enjoys cross-dressing and is nice to Hatchin after bullying her for a short awhile and even tries to help Hatchin behave like a girl in his own way. He tries to act tough and optimistic but can dissolve to tears when things go wrong.

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