VICTORINOX Swiss army knife


L.B.D.D Lighter



VICTORINO Swiss Army KnifeEdit

Specifications: single-sided/silk print

Size: handle > 58 mmKey

features: small Blade Knife, flat-head screwdriver (small) 3 mm,Keychain, tweezers, scissors, Light (red) (battery replacable)

Price: 4,725 (tax excluded) (about $40)Manufacturer: co., Ltd. IBM PE x

Available at:


Specification: standard type

One side edging processing/SUMI cuttings

Size: approx. 37 W x D12×H55mm

Material: brass

Manufacturer: co., Ltd. IBM PE x

Price: 9,450 (excl. tax) (about $90)

Available at:


Michiko to hatchin x zero Select SHOP brick, and mortar Harajuku t-shirts and underwear of "gravity" x was born the collaboration is the popular Underware brands "3 RDWARE" underwear.

Anime world view that has been faithfully reproduced 3 RDWARE print technologies to Boxer shorts.

Michiko and hatching NO.1: Michiko

Michiko and hatching NO.2: Hatchin

Michiko and hatching NO.3: MeH

Michiko and hatchingNO.4: Bike

Each including tax are 6,090 yen (about $60)

Avalible at: Zero Select SHOP "gravity"

Store website:

Contact: zero gravity Harajuku 03-5771-2505

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