LuLu Lima
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Pepe Lima (sister)






Episode 4

Lulu Lima is the younger sister of Pepe Lima. Lulu and Pepe target Michiko and Hatchin for their fake I.Ds in order to travel to the city of Sao Paraiso.

History Edit

According to the history of Pepe Lima , the Lima sisters lived a fairytale life until the tragic death of their fathers left the family in debt. Without warning they were tossed out of their luxury lifestyle into the favelas.

Appearance, Personality and Death Edit

Lulu is a girl of around 8-12 years of age. She is short in stature and has a chubby frame and sports the same clothes as her sister Pepe. Lulu shows an incredible amount of loyalty to her sister Pepe, this includes helping her sister before her birthday, searching for the I.Ds and helping in the infamous robbery of Rico. Lulu is portrayed as shy and soft-spoken. After the birthday of Pepe Lima, Lulu sneaks into Michiko and Hatchin's apartment to obtain I.D's with no success. Without any patience left Pepe hatches a plan to steal her cut of Rico's money. A while afterwards Pepe forgets a photo of Lulu for the I.D, Lulu runs to get it and is never seen again.

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