Pepe Lima is a young exotic dancer who performs at the Rumba dance hall. She targets Michiko and Hatchin for their I.D.s so she and her younger sister, Lulu, can travel to São Paraíso.

Pepe Lima
Pepe lima


Episode 4




Exotic Dancer








LuLu Lima (sister)

History Edit

According to Pepe, before she became an exotic dancer, she was once a proper young lady. She was treated like a princess, but suddenly her father passed away, leaving her family mired in debt. Not long after, she was kicked out along with her little sister, and Pepe took up performing at the Rumba as means of supporting them both. She has dreams of traveling to Sao Paraíso to create a better life for herself and her sister, and in hopes of spiting all those who ever laughed at or looked down on her.

Stray Cat Milky Way Edit

Pepe's first and last appearance is in episode 4, Stray Cat Milky Way. Pepe is performing on stage at the Rumba for an audience of men, and the loud music irritates Michiko, whom has been drinking a considerable amount. Angry and drunk, Michiko curses Pepe out from the bar and storms out of the lounge. Later in the night, stumbling drunken out of a bathroom, Michiko runs into Pepe, who trips her and drops her purse on Michiko's head before leaving.

Later, Pepe and her little sister Lulu dine and dash at the restaurant where Hatchin has a job. Pepe tells Hatchin she knew Hiroshi. After Hatchin relays this information to Michiko, Michiko takes Hatchin to Rumba to talk to Pepe. After her performance, Pepe tells her story to both Michiko and Hatchin then challenges Michiko to a drinking contest, saying that if she loses, she'll tell Michiko what she knows. Michiko wins the contest, but Pepe is too drunk to tell her anything. Angry, Michiko returns to her room where Lulu dashes out from under the bed, clutching Michiko's bag. She brings it back to Pepe's room, but after searching it, regretfully tells her sister there are no I.D.s in the bag.

Desperate for a way to get them both out and unable to afford more than one fake I.D., Pepe takes Lulu to rob her boss. The plan goes off without a hitch, but Pepe forgets the picture she was going to use for Lulu's fake I.D. Lulu goes back to get it and when she starts to take a long time, Pepe, worried that something happened to her, goes to Michiko for help. Michiko refuses and Pepe decides she has no choice but to surrender the money and confess. On her way back to return the money, she's confronted by three children who appear to shoot her after the scene goes black.

Her and Lulu's fate remain unknown, but they are presumed dead.

Personality Edit

On the surface, Pepe seems very blase, even proud of her work. She gives off much of the same attitude as Michiko, not caring what anyone else thinks and doing what she wants. She also appears to have a bad temper, threatening to run Michiko over and smashing a TV when the show she was watching ended badly. However, it's later revealed that Pepe is quite desperate to get out of her current situation and will do anything to obtain fake I.D.s for her and Lulu, whom she refuses to leave behind. She shows staunch loyalty to her little sister and always strives to take care of her. Pepe can be quite cunning, challenging Michiko to a drinking contest to allow Lulu to sneak into their room and steal Michiko's things, dashing out of a restaurant to avoid paying, or planning the robbery against her boss, a gang leader.

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